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XXXL Puzzle 10th Anniversary - 30200pcs (New)

Article number: 1110100027


It's party time! The Studio Jan van Haasteren exists 10 years and in honor of this a very special puzzle with a total of 30.200 pieces in a luxury box!


The Puzzle consists of 10 different puzzles with 3.162 pieces each but can also be put together as one whole puzzle with 30.200 pieces. to create the XXXL puzzle, you have to remove all edges except the ones on the outside (see model) The puzzle comes with 10 A3 posters with the image of the puzzles and a very nice booklet with background information about the images. When you place the 10 boxes next to each other, you see the Jan van Haasteren family in cheerful colours.


The titles of the 10 puzzles are: 1. The Kitchen 2. The Storm 3. Farm visit 4. The Oasis 5. Pop festival 6. The Winery 7. The Retirement home 8. Holiday Jitters 9. Old Dutch crafts 10. Jan van Haasteren Studio 10 years (drawn by Rob).


This unique jubilee puzzle weighs almost 20 kilos and when you have put all 10 puzzles together, it has a size of 600 x 180 cm! The size of the box is 32.5 x 28.5 x 85 cm. The size of a individual puzzle is 120 x 90cm.


We can ship the puzzle worldwide. Please read the following information before ordering:

* The XXXL puzzle can only be ordered 'separately'. So not in combination with other products.

* We have an adjusted (reduced!) shipping rate for each country. Shipping in the Netherlands is free!


Note: This is a one-time expense and gone = gone!


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