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Jumbo's Anniversary - 1000st (Sold out!)

Article number: 1119800222

Sorry, this item is Sold Out!

This year Koninklijke Jumbo exists 170 years! In honor of this, an anniversary puzzle in 1000 pieces will be launched on September 23 for a special price. The title is Jumbo's Anniversary. Jan van Haasteren fans will see this drawing is based on the puzzle 'The opening' (published in 2007 in honor of the opening of the NSF factory). Jumbo's Anniversary is drawn by Jan van Haasteren and will cost € 14.00.

Titel: Jumbo's Anniversary


Dutch titel: Jumbo's Anniversary


1000 Pieces


Artist: Jan van Haasteren


Announcement: Unfortunately, jumbo has postponed delivery by a week. We now expect to be able to ship all orders on Friday September 29.


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