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The Cheese Market & Sailboat Race 2x1000pcs (New, available from October 7)

Article number: 1110100037

New Combo box (2x 1000 pieces) called ‘Dutch traditions’! As the title implies; two Jan van Haasteren puzzles with typical Dutch images. ‘The Sailboat Race’ drawn by Jan van Haasteren himself and the ‘The Cheese market’ in Alkmaar drawn by Dick Heins. Please note: At Oktober 7th we also release the new 'Oldtimer' Shooting pool!


Combo box 2 x 1000 pieces


Title: The Cheese Market

Dutch title: De Kaasmarkt

Artist: Dick Heins


Title: Sailboat Race

Dutch title: Skûtsjesilen

Artist: Jan van Haasteren


NEW! Pre-order now, available from October 7


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