announcements/update Juni


**** IMPORTANT ****

At this time we cannot accept orders from customers outside of Europe. Our carrier cannot process the number of orders due to a shortage of capacity. We see a long delay (up to 6 weeks!) regarding the delivery of your order.

As soon as there is more clarity about delivery times, we will mention this on the website.

**** IMPORTANT ****


Due to the large numbers of orders and the limited capacity due to the coronavirus measures taken for the corona virus, your order may be delayed by two or three days. We do our best to handle everything as quickly as possible.

Currently we see a lot of demand for Jan van Haasteren puzzles. That is why we have a limited range available on the website.

In July we will receive the puzzle 'Island Retreat' again and the new puzzle 'Almost finished' will also be released. We expect to have both puzzles in stock at July 25.