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Jan van Haasteren XXXL puzzles finished - The wall of Fame!

May 7th. the Jan van Haasteren XXXL puzzle was launched. This puzzle has been developed to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Studio Jan van Haasteren. Have you finished this unique puzzle, take a nice picture and we'll place you in the Wall of Fame! You can find more details about the XXXL puzzle here.

The puzzle below is permanently hanging at the store in Roelofarendsveen.


Maker(s): Els Rooswinkel
Date published: 07-10-2023
Place: Roelofarendsveen (Netherlands)


Submissions from Jan van Haasteren fans:

Maker(s): Els Rooswinkel
Date published: 22-06-2023
Place: Bennekom (Netherlands)

Maker(s): Mirelle en Jelle Kester
Date published: 26-06-2023
Place: Valkenburg (Netherlands)

Maker(s): Christel Brolsma
Date published: 26-08-2023
Place: Ridderkerk (Netherlands)

Maker(s): De Puzzelpoezen + Kater
Date published: 20-09-2023
Place: Harderwijk - museum (Netherlands)

Maker(s): Vader Geurt en Chanique Stellaard
Date published: 09-10-2023
Place: Benschop (Netherlands)