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Specials autumn 2014

There is information about the first special. I have the contents of the Intertoys combination box: "Crazy Casino", "The Park" and "Shooting Pool". It costs € 22,- in the webshop.

The next specials are spotted at Blokker. The combination box contains "Grand Cafe"(1000 pieces) and "The Piano player"(500 pieces), price € 14,- and also they have "Carnaval" in 1000 pieces (price € 11,-). Later this year they will have "Rock around the Clock".

At Gamma they wanted a new size, 1250 pieces with an old image "Camping Chaos", in the webshop for sale at € 16,-

A new image (I didn't realize, because we already have a puzzle with the same name) comes out at Marskramer. The puzzle has only 54 pieces, is called "Airshow" and the price is € 4,50.

Kruitvat releases "Tennis" in the old vertical version in 1000 pieces.

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