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Specials 2021

Kruidvat has the first special of 2021. In the 500 series we now have Camping.

The next one, also at Kruidvat, has 950 pieces Mudracers

The Vriendenloterij has ordered two flat boxes with 1000 pieces: German Beer Party and Castle Conflict.

Blokker has its 125 anniversary and Dick Heins made a special image for them: Blokker 125 jaar.

Kruidvat now has in the 500 piece series The Bandstand and in the 950 pieces series Nijntje Ballon Festival.

In September new series of 12 puzzles with 1000 pieces in Scandinavia will be released: The 19th Hole, Ascot Horse Racing, The Building Site, By Air, Land and Sea, Christmas Eve, Castle Conflict, Departure Hall, Ice Hockey, New York Marathon, Airshow, Grand Cafe, U.S.A.

In New Zealand series of four new images came out: Children's Birthday Party, Gallery of Curiosities, South Pole Expedition and World Championship Cyclocross.

Jvh-puzzels released a 1500 piece special called The Puzzle Factory.

In Scandinavia we found Break a Leg and Santa's Factory in 1000 pieces.

Van der Valk has ordered a special edition of the puzzle Hotel: Hotel Van der Valk. In two different boxes, also Van der Valk Hotel Exclusief.

Van Wijhe Verf celebrates its 105 years anniversary with a special edition of the Building Site: Samen Bouwen (Building together).

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