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Specials 2020

Two new releases for the Kruidvat/Trekpleister concern:

In the series with 950 pieces Ballroom Dancing and in the series with 500 pieces New Year Party.

The newspaper of Texel (The Texelse Courant) has ordered a special of "Island Retreat"; the image is slightly different, the banner has another text. It is called "Het Gouden Boltje".

The Vriendenloterij has ordered "The March" in a smaller box, that fits in our letterbox. The Bankgiroloterij the same for St George and the Dragon.

In New Zealand (Holdson) four new puzzles in 1000 pieces have been released: Food Truck Festival, The Library, The Park and The Winery.

jvh-puzzels has a special Overal Haaien (translation: Sharks everywhere), drawn by Jan van Haasteren. The puzzle has "only" 500 pieces, but it is a tough one!

Kruidvat released a special Kruidvat Voordeel Pakken (based on The Pharmacy)

If you like tennis, maybe the new Blokker special is something for you: Kiki Bertens Tennis Kampioen.

The Kruidvat concern released 2 new specials: A Dining Disaster (500 Pieces) and Cars in the Make (950 pieces).

In October Blokker comes with two specials: Boerderij Bezoek (= Farm Visit) with possibly a golden piece and De Hondenshow (= The Dogshow) with three free cards.

Kruidvat again with 2 x 950 pieces: Fun around the Pool and Eleven City Ice Tour.

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