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Specials 2017

The first Dutch specials of 2017 are available at Kruidvat (and in our web shop)

The series contain three 500 piece puzzles: "Navy Cadet Training", "At the Dentist" and "All Dug Up".

Now available three 950 piece puzzles, specials for Trekpleister: "Boxing Match", "Neighbours" and "The Big Leak".

The Interroys combo of this year contains "Ascot Paardenrennen", "Het Muziekpaviljoen" and "De Mars".

In September three new releases from Kruidvat are: "Carnival", "The 19th Hole" and "Tennis".

For Intertoys Jumbo released a special of "St. Nicolas Parade" with a free search book.

Also available in our web shop.

In New Zealand a series of four 1000 piece puzzles have been released in Funny World: "Platform Pandemonium", "Pop Festival", "Scooter Scramble" and "The Printing Office". Available at mightyape.co.nz

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