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Releases 2022

The first two puzles in 2022 are puzzles for the advanced puzzler. Both drawn by Jan in 500 pieces: Shark Mania and Enjoying a Picnic.

As usual in February an image is used for 1000 and 2000 pieces: The Craft Brewery, drawn by Rob.

At February 24 Jan has his 86th anniversary. And at the same time the 200th image will be released. In a special blue-to-red box, 1000 pieces: The Soapbox Race, of course drawn by Jan.

At the end of March two new Junior puzzles will be released: The Merry-go-round in 240 pieces and Pool Pranks in 150 pieces, both drawn by Dick.

In April an existing image will be available in 1000 pieces, Highland Games by Rob.

In May a new 1500 piece puzzle comes out by Dick: The Retirement Home.

At June 5th during the Dutch Puzzling championship the new Futureproof Fair was shown, drawn by Jan in 1000 pieces. At the same time a new member of the jubior line came out: Max & Moritz in 360 pieces, drawn by Dick

Puzzles keep coming: July brings At the Hairdressers, 1000 pieces, drawn by Mars Gremmen, a new member of the Studio.

In Augustus two new expert puzzles are released in 500 pieces: Where's Max?, drawn by Dick and Gifts Galore! by Jan.

At the beginning of September the release of Sand Sculptures (drawn by Dick Heins) will be expected in 1000 and 2000 pieces; also we have an new release of an old image Chalk up! by Rob, now in 1000 pieces. At the end of September Jan's new image, (unfortunately with a used title, which we added the year to) comes out in 3000 pieces: Traffic Chaos 2022. This new image is combined with an old image By Air, Land and Sea in a combinationbox (2x1000).

In October we start with three Junior puzzles drawn by a new (femal) artist Wilma van den Bosch: The Snowman in 150 pieces, The Sand Pit in 240 pieces and The Riding School in 360 pieces. At October 15 a new image drawn by Rob comes out in 1000 and 5000 pieces: Santa's Village.

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