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Releases 2021

At the Facebook page of Rob we found the first new image of 2021: South Pole Expedition in 1000 pieces, drawn by Rob Derks.

Also we see, that the lay-out of the box has slightly changed...

In February an image in two sizes will be released: 1000 and 2000 pieces Pool Pile-up, drawn by Jan van Haasteren.

The next one (in March) is drawn by Dick, 1000 pieces La Tomatina

At April 11 the new puzzle by Jan was exposed: The Missing Piece.

June brings us Fairytale Forest, drawn by Rob and July an old familiar puzzle, but now in 1500 pieces: Food Truck Festival by Dick.

September starts with Dick Heins in 1000 pieces: The Dutch Craft Market, followed by Rob Derks in 1000 pieces: The Oasis.

Later this year a new childrens collections will be started.

In October at last the new 5000 piece puzzle has been released: The Music Shop, drawn by Rob. The combo for this year contains The Music shop and Holiday Jitters, drawn by Dick.

The last puzzle for 2021 is a 500 piece puzzle by Jan: Reindeer Races.

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