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Releases 2019

Releases 2019

At november 22 Jumbo published the (working)titles of 13 images for 2019 The releases will be:

January "Camping in the Forest" (drawn by Jan) in 1000 and 2000 pieces and "The Kitchen" in 500 XL pieces.

February "Highland Games" (drawn by Rob) in 1500 pieces and "Acrobat Circus" in 1000 pieces.

April "NK Legpuzzelen" (Dutch puzzle competition, drawn by Dick) in 1000 pieces

May "Ladies Soccer" and "The Library", both 1000 pieces

September "Formula 1, the Start", "Hockey Championship" and "The Winery", all three 1000 pieces, "The Inventors Fair" (drawn by Jan) in 1000 and 2000 pieces and last but not least a combo "Holiday Shopping" with two 1000 piece puzzles.

November "Cyclocross" in 1000 pieces.

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