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Releases 2014

In january Jumbo released the first 2014 drawing by Jan in 1000 and 2000 pieces: "Football Crazy"(inmage below), a studio puzzle by Rob Derks 500 pieces "Seafood Supper" (image below) and a combination box with 2 x 1000 pieces "Safari" and "Storm".

In march there will be a new combination box with soccer puzzles: "Football Crazy" (500), "Championship Football" (750) and "Goal".

In may the second drawing by Jan comes out in 1500 and 3000 peices: "The Building Site". (image below)

For one of the september 2014 releases I allready have an image: 500 pieces "Traffic Chaos".

The looks of the boxes are refreshed; The titles of the puzzles are at the front with some detail of the image.

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