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Puzzles 2018

The year 2018 starts well with three new puzzles (two new images) in January.
Rob has drawn The Garden Centre, in 1000 pieces.
Marco Eisinga has made The Winter Games in 1000 pieces.
An old familiar puzzle The Park will now be released in 500 XL pieces. Not as big as the XXL from a few year ago, more the size of the pieces of the 150 piece puzzles.
In February The Locks (by Jan) will be released in 1000 and 2000 pieces.
An oldie Friday the 13th comes out in 1000 pieces
In April The Flower Parade (drawn by Dick Heins) will come out (image is used for the Dutch Puzzle Championship).
In May a new drawing by Jan will be available: The Magic Fair. Finally (for this moment) in May we will have Clash of the Bakers in 1500 pieces. Before it was only available in a combo
In September several new releases:
"The Cattle Market" by Jan in 1000 and 2000 pieces
The combo "Food Festival" (with "BBQ Party!" by Rob and "Food Truck Festival" by Dick, both 1000 pieces). Within is a free dish towel.
"Darts", drawn by Jan, but finished by Marco in 1000 pieces.
"The Film Set" by Rob Derks in 1000 pieces.
Originally meant as a special a 1000 piece puzzle will be released extra "The Toy Store" drawn by Dick Heins.

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