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Februari 2016 Jan 80 years of age!

On the occasion of the 80st birthday of Jan van Haasteren at february 24 2016 Jumbo made the oldest known poster (1977) into a puzzle. It was a advertising poster for Hoppe, but the advertiseing text has been changed into a congratulation. Such a special puzzle "Happy Birthday jan!" needs a special box, it will be available in a silver colored box and has 1000 pieces at the end of march.

Another new puzzle is by the Studio (Rob Derks) and has the title "Pop Festival", also in 1000 pieces, available around february 20.

Also in february the second Coloring book comes out.

In April the second puzzle by Jan himself will be released in 1500 and 3000 pieces: "The Printing Office".

The first specials in 2016 are available now in the webshop: the cylinder box "Camping Chaos" in 300 pieces, two 1250 piece puzzles "Ice Hockey" and "Golf" and a giftbox (54 pieces) "Coming Through!".

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