New puzzles archive

In january Jumbo released the first 2014 drawing by Jan in 1000 and 2000 pieces: "Football Crazy", a studio puzzle by Rob Derks 500 pieces "Seafood Supper" and a combination box with 2 x 1000 pieces "Safari" and "Storm".

In the U.S.A. 2014 will have 7 new releases, 3 in each of the series Cartoon Capers and Crowd Pleasers and one "multi-pack" with four puzzles.

For Formido Jumbo reproduced two old puzzles: "Cars in the Make" and "Fire Station", not available anymore. In december "Streetlife" was released, available in the webshop for € 14,50

The third new image will be released: "Whacky Water World" in 1500 (september) and 3000 pieces (october).

Jumbo announced an extra special box for the puzzle "Celebrate the Inauguration" on the occasion of the Ribbon of Honour for Jan van Haasteren. It will be called "Lintjesregen"  and only available in the Netherlands.