New puzzles archive

In the series Crowd Pleasers (1000 pieces) we will have 3 new releases end of this month: "Queued up!", "Building Site" and "Clash of the Bakers".

The february releases were:

"The Escape" (by Jan himself) in 1000 and 2000 pieces.

In 500 pieces "Sea Port".

There is information about the first special. I have the contents of the Intertoys combination box: "Crazy Casino", "The Park" and "Shooting Pool". It costs € 22,- in the webshop.

At the beginning of september the anniversary box on the occasion of 30 years Jan van Haasteren puzzles will be released. The 3 puzzles with 1000 pieces are: "All at Sea", "Get Well Soon" and "Hotel".

The colour image of "The Building Site", Click on it and you will see it enlarged.