New puzzles archive

The february releases were:

"The Escape" (by Jan himself) in 1000 and 2000 pieces.

In 500 pieces "Sea Port".

There is information about the first special. I have the contents of the Intertoys combination box: "Crazy Casino", "The Park" and "Shooting Pool". It costs € 22,- in the webshop.

At the beginning of september the anniversary box on the occasion of 30 years Jan van Haasteren puzzles will be released. The 3 puzzles with 1000 pieces are: "All at Sea", "Get Well Soon" and "Hotel".

The colour image of "The Building Site", Click on it and you will see it enlarged.

In january Jumbo released the first 2014 drawing by Jan in 1000 and 2000 pieces: "Football Crazy", a studio puzzle by Rob Derks 500 pieces "Seafood Supper" and a combination box with 2 x 1000 pieces "Safari" and "Storm".