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New discoveries

Popeye Dr Oetker

A long time ago you recieved in a product by Dr Oetker one of 8 parts of a Popeye puzzle. You had to buy a lot of products to get the puzzle complete. Thanks to Léon I can show you the picture of the whole puzzle.

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Corgi uitgave

A small puzzle has been found in the Netherlands, although it is a UK puzzle produced by Corgi Toys. It has 72 pieces, elements from "Rock around the Clock", and is a part of an inmage, drawn in 1979.

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Details on puzzles

In some releases of puzzles there are small differences. I think some of you would like to know about it.

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Rick de Kikker

When Anja and Rita visited Jan they got the confirmation, that a small Rick de Kikker puzzle has been drawn by him. It is a wooden puzzle with 20 pieces, produced by Pim Kwin in about 1967

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New Zealand

Last year (in 2011) Holdson has published an anniversary pack for only the New Zealand market. The pack contained 3 puzzles among which a Jan van Haasteren: Circus Time.


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