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New discoveries

Corgi 1979 full size

Corgi en Olympics

More about the Corgi puzzles and Olympics by Diset.

Corgi 1979 full size
Corgi 1979 full size

Japan At the Beach

From the series of 2002 a new puzzle has been found by Raf: At The Beach nr 61-243

Corgi 1979 full size
Corgi 1979 full size

Corgi Full size

Next to the Corgi puzzle that was discovered in 2014, we now have the puzzle of the full size image, thanks to Joke

Popeye Dr Oetker

A long time ago you recieved in a product by Dr Oetker one of 8 parts of a Popeye puzzle. You had to buy a lot of products to get the puzzle complete. Thanks to Léon I can show you the picture of the whole puzzle.

Corgi uitgave

A small puzzle has been found in the Netherlands, although it is a UK puzzle produced by Corgi Toys. It has 72 pieces, elements from "Rock around the Clock", and is a part of an image, drawn in 1979.