JvH-puzzles.com, for all Jan van Haasteren fans!

Help, I'm missing a piece! Check out the possibilities below.


1. You miss a piece of a new Jan van Haasteren puzzle and still have the reciept.

Jumbo has a very good service and gives a two-year warranty if you still have the receipt. Your receipt can therefore be a maximum of two years old! Go te the Jumbo website Jumbo - contact

     * At the first question 'Select Subject' select 'customer service'

     * Fill in the form as completly as possible

Jumbo will respond to your request. This can take a while because they receive a lot of requests.

2. You are missing a piece of a Jan van Haasteren puzzle up to and including 2000 pieces:

Yes, the 'missing piece' is back in business! This service was temporarily suspended due to Covid-19, but you can now submit your request again via the new website.

Click here for the new website of 'Missing Pieces'


3. You are missing a piece of a Jan van Haasteren puzzle of 3000 or 5000 pieces:

Send an e-mail to gekvanjvh@ziggo.nl Mention in your e-mail:

     * A sharp, well-exposed photo from right above with approximately 7 pieces on each side of the hole.

     * No overview photo.

     * A photo of the bottom left corner (10x10 pieces).

     * Your name and address

A small contribution is requested for this service. The shipping costs depend on the country (normaly € 1,65). € 2.00 for the first piece and possibly € 0.50 for each subsequent piece up to a maximum of 10 pieces.

As you can imagine it is quite a big job to find the right missing piece. Some puzzles have up to 20 different cutting plates! So be patient if you don't hear anythingwithin a few days!