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At jvh-puzzels you can find all information about every puzzle Jan van Haasteren has drawn over the years.

In the webshop you can order many of the different Jan van Haasteren puzzels.

Jan van Haasteren puzzles have been world famous for years. For puzzle fans from all over the world - including yours truly - puzzles from Jan have always guaranteed hours of puzzle pleasure!


All Jan van Haasteren Puzzles

From the Popeye series of 1975 to the latest U.S.A. releases, from the small puzzles of 10 pieces to the very large puzzles of 5000 pieces, on jvh-puzzels you can find images of every puzzle Jan ever made. 

There's also a useful list of all Jan van Haasteren puzzles, you can download this file for free.


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In our webshop you can find and order 150 - 200 different Jan van Haasteren puzzles and other items. Ordering is easy with or without an account.

A selection from the different categories from which you can order puzzles in the webshop: 1000 pieces - 3000 pieces - greeting cards

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